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Bomb Day from Mumbaistan-A Review

Tanvir a gangster who was convicted on three murder charges, falls in deep love with Rabia from Kamathipura Red light area Mumbai. As no one to oppose their love, the one and the only person who can offend their love could be Aalamzeb, a notorious Pakistani criminal. ACP Hani, the police offficer who uses Tanvir as a bait to nab Aalamzeb with the help of Rabia who knew him earlier even before she knew Tanvir. It is as per the instruction of ACP Hani, Tanvir starts playing the game of love with Rabia.  On the contrary, it is Rabia who plays a different game with Tanvir for a different purpose. There is some danger for Mumbai city and how ACP Hani handles the situation is the main theme of the story. And finally who wins the battle?

This tale unlike other crime mysteries has so many twists and turns. It even has a tender love story sown in between the main story,  is really amazing. The story about terrorism been told by the author in a totally different style. The deep friendship of Zohra the yet another sex worker who shares the room with Rabia is also explained very nicely. The author has chosen the characters meticulously so as to make all characters important to the main story and all his characters brings life to the entire story. This thrilling story has the thread of love, passion, fear. friendship and patriotism which makes its readers to sit upright and read with more interest.

Bomb Day one of the three novella from the book Mumbaistan has truly exceeded the expectation of every reader. Piyush Jha the author who is also the Director of the award winning feature film 'Sikkander' has truly proved to be in the list of master story tellers. After its first publication at Mumbai in September this year, the book Mumbaistan has emerged as national best seller within few months, is the clear proof of how the readers welcome this book at large. Mumbaistan was recently released at Chennai and the same is available at all the leading book shops now.

                                                              A book review by Ayubkhan.U

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