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Xing Tom-The adventure with Chocolate King


When Xing Tom opened his eyes it was dark and he was lying on the floor. He vaguely remembered what happened in the morning. The light was dim over there and Xing Tom soon realized that he was locked in a jail. Xing Tom was able to see that at the lock up gate, one short and plump fellow was guarding with a chocolate gun. A plate filled with various chocolates kept besides him. When Xing Tom went near the lock up gate, the fellow outside the gate stared at him questioningly. ‘Eat the food and be ready. You will be taken to the palace in a couple of minutes’ he informed Xing Tom. Now Xing Tom slowly realized that he is kept custody by the Chocolate king, the ruler of this peculiar country.   Xing Tom silently took his plate of chocolates and devoured it quickly. He was so hungry as such he could not resist eating those chocolates which really was so yummy and delicious.

Xing Tom having a cat nap suddenly heard the shoe sound of people walking and woke up. About five soldiers came near the lock up gate and one of them opened the gate. The one who opened the lock up gate called Xing Tom to come out of the lock up room. They all traveled in a small vehicle driven by a peculiar type of small made horses and reached the palace in the next hour.

It was a large grand hall. At the entrance of the palace two guards in uniforms were standing. That spacious hall was placed with ornamental chairs at both the sides, leaving way to walk in between. Many people in rich costumes seated in the chairs. At the end of the hall followed by few steps two bigger chairs were placed in which the King and the Queen seated, appearing majestic. Xing Tom was standing in front of the King who was small made and short, wearing rich costumes and a golden crown. Next to him the Queen seated wearing beautiful costumes. Both King and Queen looked at Xing Tom inquisitively for a while and the King broke the silence and started talking.

‘Who are you biggy?’ The King asked Xing Tom at a lower voice.  ‘I am Xing Tom from London’ he answered boldly. ‘I am King chocolate’ the King talked in a majestic voice. ‘And what made you to enter our Kingdom of chocolate?’ he quietly inquired. “I really don’t know how I came. I was just riding my bi-cycle and suddenly found myself in this place’ Xing Tom answered. ‘We live in this country peacefully and I don’t want strangers to disturb our peace loving people at any cost’ the King retorted in high pitch. ‘I won’t trouble your people, I will be rather much helpful to you’ he gave the assuring answer. ‘Alright, if that is the case, we will leave you at the border tomorrow and may have to return to your country’ the King gave his decision.

Xing Tom was released and given a tiny house to stay for a day. The King ordered to send a sack full of variety chocolates to Xing Tom to eat until he leaves the country. People over there are drinking chocolate color water and Xing Tom was also given the same to drink.

Xing Tom really wondered about this strange country and the strange people. ‘Chocolates are living, chocolate is ruling’, he told himself.  It was evening; Xing Tom was able to see the sun set through the window. It made the sky red and he enjoyed the visual of nature. He though and triggered his thought process and slept for a while.

The knocking sound at the door woke Xing Tom from his sound sleep. It must be late evening, Xing Tom thought. ‘Who is this’ Xing Tom inquired. ‘We are from the King’ a coarse voice answered. Xing Tom. When he opened the door he was surprised to find a chariot richly ornamented with flowers, waiting in front of the gate. ‘Sorry to disturb you sir at this hour’, King invited you to have dinner with him tonight’ a soldier in uniform politely informed him. Xing Tom swiftly entered the chariot and seated inside. A beautiful maid inside served him superior chocolates to eat.

After traveling an hour finally Xing Tom reached the King’s palace and received the warm welcome from King and Queen who were waiting outside. ‘Welcome biggy, taste our nice feast before you leave our chocolate kingdom’ the king expressed with joy. There was a large dining hall; Xing Tom, King, Queen and ten other ministers were sitting there. There was a large variety of fruit chocolates and superior quality chocolate drinks served by beautiful maids.

When the dinner was over, the King invited Xing Tom to visit the Palace. It was such a nice palace with lots of rooms in it. With rich woodwork the rooms were in sparkling clean.  The King asked Xing Tom to open a room.  When opened, he was amazed to find a small mountain load of chocolates were scattered over there. The King informed Xing Tom to take as much chocolate as he can.

That night was a pleasant night for Xing Tom. With a chariot load of superior chocolates Xing Tom returned to the house where he was staying. ‘Take complete rest sir, we may have to proceed to the border tomorrow morning’ the soldier respectfully told Xing Tom left him alone.     

Xing Tom along with five soldiers and a chocolate load of chariot reached the border of the country. All the soldiers but one got down from the chariot and bowed Xing Tom respectfully. The chief among them informed Xing Tom that a soldier will accompany till he reaches his country.

After two hours of continuous journey, they reached a place which was steeper and looked odd. Xing Tom got down from the chariot to witness the place to explore the possibility of further travel. It was a vast land going steeper, and he could witness a broader sky over there which was blue and clear. There were no clouds, no birds and literally no one was there. 

Xing Tom decided to proceed further with the chocolate load of chariot along with the soldier riding the same.

There was a big steep and it was hard to move beyond that point which Xing Tom realized soon. The soldier whipped the horses hard and it went further by pulling the chariot hard. It has come to the end and beyond the point it was a deep valley and before the soldier try to stop but in vain. They chariot fell from the height to the infinite depth.

When Xing Tom opened his eyes, he was surprised to find himself in a bed. A doctor and a nurse were besides him. ‘Hi Xing Tom, how are you?’ the doctor inquired softly.

Robert, Xing Tom’s dad came inside and touched the hand of Xing Tom. ‘How are you my son?’ he spoke to him with affection. He explained Xing Tom that he met with an accident when he was riding his bi cycle and was unconscious all these days.

‘That means the Chocolate kingdom, the King and the chariot load of chocolates; all these are just my dream. How sad it is?’ Xing Tom sighed.

The next day when Xing Tom started from the hospital and reached home he was surprised to find a big parcel as big as himself, was lying in his room, colorfully wrapped. He went closer and opened it swiftly.’ Wow, so much of chocolates, how nice it is?’ he shouted aloud. Inside the parcel he found one beautiful card where it was signed like this. ‘A loving gift from the Chocolate King to a beautiful soul, Xing Tom’.

A Story by Ayubkhan.U

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