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Lost and Regained

You’re a poem as nice as a tender heart
the passionate one, so deep in thought
you spread the wings of fastest love
And sheltering me with warm embrace

While facing gives agony, endure; it gives ecstasy
a mixture of emotion, but lovable more often
from where it has come, your hand or heart
In search of truth I once lost, now regained

Beauty and the Beast

Your sparkling eyes, that originally speaks
The language of the heart, makes you stand apart
The black hair on your forehead, makes one stunned
Your facial expression could mesmerize anyone
In God's creation, there is a lot to wonder
This symbol of beauty, is really grandeur
Your striking pose, makes this earth a heaven
I’m trapped; release me with your tender heart

The Rich and the Poor-A Poem

The world has so much to offer
Never give up your hope, my friend
Life is not always good, it’s true
Yet it’s precious, live at your best

When you often count your miseries
Remember and see the poorest
They have less hope or no hope
And you are no poorer than them

Rich can never be rich always
Rich has to work to retain the position
When the rich leads the poorer life by heart
Then is it worth living, my dear friend?

Misery chases the one who fear often
Be a soldier to counter your evil fear
Richness is just a state of mind
Remember to live and love forever