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To Drive the Darkness

Sitting inside, at this dark corner and lamenting!
What prevents you from coming out of it?
Do you like to remain in dark, away from light?
Or the darkness wishes to be with you?

Turn your head from darkness to find light
Haven’t you seen the light at the gap of the window pane?
What prevents you from standing on your own?
Is it your legs or the lazy heart whispers to remain in dark?

Assumptions and accusing never going to help you
There is always a path to walk better, just plan
Inhibitions aren’t going to feed you, wipe it out!
There is always a place in your heart, never lose hope.

Look at the endless sky, it is amazing isn’t it?
The blue sky, the red sky: as it is nature’s order
Look at the birds, flying high in the sky
How lovely they are, with no worry they soar high.

Go out to find your resources, life has its riches.
Never stop learning, because it’s continuous!
Ideal mind never encourages being idle!
Drive darkness; turn your head towards the light!

                                                                               A poem by Ayubkhan.U


Engr Sam said...

what a nice article. completely love it

Rajeeb Banstola said...


aditya said...

I quite like the poem.. the imagery that comes to mind on reading this poem is simply marvelous!

pochicate said...

I love it :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! (:

Agis Cevi said...

coming for your invitation ayub. This poem what I called in the past time as my learning prosess. Btw come to article of mine Click Here

Nadeeshan Rangajeewa said...

Very Nice i love it.... :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this. Many questions. You work with free verse well.

Emmas Channel said...

Fantastic. I would like to feature this on my blog if you don't mind. And thanks for the lovely invite, that was really very sweet of you xxx

Joy Mizzoni - Team Support Specialist said...


Janeane Davis said...

I like the poem. It has a lot of ideas going on, a lot of places for someone to stop and think. Great job. Thank you for sharing it with me.

PlanetMD said...

the time to stop is when you close your eyes to death. live life to the fullest and just enjoy dealing with it. its part of one's journey to walk with it's own life. love the last two stanza of the poem by the way. kudos. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayub,
...turn your head towards the light!
Lovely poem!

Anonymous said...

i think that it is really inspiring ayub,,
nice poem and keep inspiring

Subhie Arun said...

lovely poem..!! thx for ur add in
glad to follow u!

visit me,

Nasrudheen said...

Great Actually!

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Jalibaba said...

nice effort dear its really good

idrus spd said...

Hmmm ....... evocative poetry. I agree!, Still not going to give nothing but emptiness. Begin to act is the best way. There is always a bright light beam path and in the dark for anyone who seeks it.

Andiepants said...

I like it! It is true, after the darkness there will be light. Have hope it will all go well.
Great read!

Anonymous said...

Look at the sky, life has it's riches!
Lovely poem! Full of positivity!
Spread the joy! Keep it up!

Muhammad Azeem said...

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Cah Arselo said...

nice, keep update your blog

Bharath Hegde said...

Nice. But I have a different take on darkness. Sometimes, it is nurturing. It's not something that you need to run from. It something that gives you space to think, wings to spread, colors to paint. Just my view. Well written!


Harikrishna said...

Its great :) Superb one :)

arad entezar said...

Hi friend,I read it completely.It shows your feelings and I am sure you are very emotional and kind.Please go on your efforts .You will be successful in your major.I cross my fingers for you.
sincerely yours

Anonymous said...

Luvly poem!! :D :D

Karen Hewitt said...

Inspirational...great job!