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The World of our Choice-A Poem

When I look and this dark sky I really wonder,
As the birds fly hurriedly, returning to their nest!
The emerging  tiny stars smiles at each other,
Seeing the sudden quietness of earth in astonishment!

Man becomes tired not because of the so called work!
The lack of calmness in mind triggers all problems!
Man was taught love, as a better way to live!
Often greediness and hatred kills the seed of peace!

Pure air and hygiene food makes this world a heaven!
If we really want to live,  let us protect the nature!
Environment safety is every one's problem!
More precious they are, let's remember always!

We differ in thoughts, the color of our blood is same!
We love, fear and laugh as our emotions also same!
We have 'unity in diversity' haven't we my friend?
We all one, the humans, the children of God!

As man is in highest order, no point in mere existence!
Let's work to make this world a place of our choice!
May the new dawn of tomorrow  fulfill our promises,
Start your work today to find this world a better place!

            A Poem by Ayubkhan.U