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The 'SHE' State

Her sharp nose
The round face
She bends a while 
My heart sank

The mind knows
The touch of body
The heart senses
Those silly excitements

The fear of God 
Encompassing passion

She looked somewhere
As if nothing had happened
She walked off
When I came to reality

The world evolves
And so my thoughts
My mind is calm,
Pondering and wandering

Just a Thought

The world is not
Waiting to receive my message
Nor am desperate 
To deliver the one

When love has 
Lost its value
Where words have
Anything to say

I am plain,
As plain as a white paper
Anyone can write anything
I'm not bothered

The dawn is pleasant and
The Sun has started its work
When the Nature is clear,
Why can't we, can we?

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U