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Why Numbers are more attractive than Letters-An Article

Interesting topic! The entire world is governed by two elements, Letters and Numbers. While twenty six letters create innumerable paragraphs to describe, with just ten numbers the solution is being arrived quickly and instantly. How interesting it is, isn't it?

Letters often form the best literature and Numbers could invent a new Science. Literature helps us to know ourselves and understand where we stand. It helps us to preserve our culture and gives valuable morals and gives advice that's needed for our day to day life.

Number defines the value of all precious things. One month’s hard work is being rewarded through currency that indicates the numbers. A day could have been long for anyone but it is just 24 hours only.

We often find the hard work rather tiresome, yet if we could find a short cut method to complete any task it becomes hassle-free. The volume of books that can't help us to arrive at a consensus is being arrived through a simple formula. These formulas rule the world in all fields. They tend to be attractive, and anything easy tends to be attractive. All short cuts are appealing, and numbers could give instant solution, there is no wonder its being attractive.

Books,theories,reviews and analyzing consumes a lot of time before it produces a big volume of points. It could help us by giving valuable ideas, yet it sometimes leads to arguments that never arrive at a consensus. Great epics are regarded by masses, yet not understood by many. It needs time to concentrate and understand, and also requires patience to find the truth.  Again quite often the truth becomes bitter and ultimately turns unattractive. Those books that try to tell the truth are adored, as well as despised. It depends up on the individual’s state of mind.

If numbers are often attractive it could also be a state of mind. It is not whether it is attractive or unattractive. One must profoundly think to identify whether it is useful or not. Books could be useful and may not be attractive. Entertainment could be attractive but may not be useful.

Considering all the above facts, we may arrive at a conclusion that Numbers continue to reign by being attractive than Letters for its simplicity in delivering the desired results quickly and instantly. In other words we could rather say Letters describe and Numbers define.

A Review by Ayubkhan.U