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Why Numbers are more attractive than Letters-An Article

Interesting topic! The entire world is governed by two elements, Letters and Numbers. While twenty six letters create innumerable paragraphs to describe, with just ten numbers the solution is being arrived quickly and instantly. How interesting it is, isn't it?

Letters often form the best literature and Numbers could invent a new Science. Literature helps us to know ourselves and understand where we stand. It helps us to preserve our culture and gives valuable morals and gives advice that's needed for our day to day life.

Number defines the value of all precious things. One month’s hard work is being rewarded through currency that indicates the numbers. A day could have been long for anyone but it is just 24 hours only.

We often find the hard work rather tiresome, yet if we could find a short cut method to complete any task it becomes hassle-free. The volume of books that can't help us to arrive at a consensus is being arrived through a simple formula. These formulas rule the world in all fields. They tend to be attractive, and anything easy tends to be attractive. All short cuts are appealing, and numbers could give instant solution, there is no wonder its being attractive.

Books,theories,reviews and analyzing consumes a lot of time before it produces a big volume of points. It could help us by giving valuable ideas, yet it sometimes leads to arguments that never arrive at a consensus. Great epics are regarded by masses, yet not understood by many. It needs time to concentrate and understand, and also requires patience to find the truth.  Again quite often the truth becomes bitter and ultimately turns unattractive. Those books that try to tell the truth are adored, as well as despised. It depends up on the individual’s state of mind.

If numbers are often attractive it could also be a state of mind. It is not whether it is attractive or unattractive. One must profoundly think to identify whether it is useful or not. Books could be useful and may not be attractive. Entertainment could be attractive but may not be useful.

Considering all the above facts, we may arrive at a conclusion that Numbers continue to reign by being attractive than Letters for its simplicity in delivering the desired results quickly and instantly. In other words we could rather say Letters describe and Numbers define.

A Review by Ayubkhan.U

The Advertising World-A Review

Advertising-An Introduction

The emerging advertising campaigns these days clearly indicates the growth  in business sector as a whole. This explains the companies around the globe trying to market their product or establish the brand as the case may be.

The Need for Advertising

The globalization and growing technology often makes the competition fierce  Advertising helps to position the product or brand in a professional way. It makes advertising inevitable, no matter whether the organization big or small.

The Magic of Visual Media

The high tech visual media brings every ad campaign to our doorsteps quite often. Thanks to TV channels that releases ad visuals through various sponsored programs. The more and more advertisement visual telecasting gives us greater information about the features of products and services in real sense. It makes   interesting as any one could easily select the product of their choice with the available information possible.

Concepts and Ads

The visual ads are neatly created with catchy concepts. The interesting concepts and making of the visuals in style motivates anyone to watch with much curiosity and interest. In some cases, more than the program, the ad visuals attract the viewers a lot.

Advertising and Branding

The focused and continuous ad campaigns help to position the products. This is said to be the branding exercise which helps to brand the product as a whole. The product ultimately becomes a brand, which is being recognized through its brand name. Companies are keen on such branding activities which ultimately helps them to remain in business forever. The world of advertising is very charming as it helps the flow of ideas with a view to keep any business in strength. 

A Business Article by Ayubkhan.U

Vivid Imagination and Sweet Memories-A Poem

I am seeing the bird flying at this long sky!
Using this blue sky, as heavenly abode!
This great height is not just a destination!
It is just a beginning, a humble beginning!

There is a limit for everything!
We limit our habits, food and friends!
We tend to limit everything, not our imagination!
This vivid imagination is a pleasure, isn't it?

This long road has a long story to tell!
It reveals the truth it witnesses!
The story of its passers by and,
The story of stark reality that life reveals!

This red sky at the west is amazing!
Its the process of the golden sun retiring!
Just retiring, retiring for the day!
Making the birds return to their nest hurriedly!

Nature makes our life interesting!
Making the life more meaningful,
Through its abundance resources it bestows!
This sweet memory adds color to our life! 

                                                               A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

Press Release-Lifestyle Galleria Inauguration

Lifestyle Galleria-A Brief Profile

A Beautiful Idea

A mighty showroom with a touch of elegance is named as Lifestyle Galleria is ready to rule Chennai with its products of superior brands.  The very idea of the Founder-Directors to create this beautiful showroom is to sell all the quality products that constitute a very beautiful house.

An elegant showroom for all the home needs enormously built in 20,000 square feet area with the construction of ground plus two storeys along with greater interior work and fully furnished style is the added attraction of this mega mall.  The floors will showcase the various superior brands of Bath fittings; Tiles etc. which makes customers’ choice easy to go for the best.

Every Beauty has a History

Lifestyle Galleria belongs to a group company which was founded by Mr.B.Rickhab Chand by name Apex Asbestos early in the year 1978. Initially he was manufacturing and selling Cement pipes by name Apex Asbestos. In those days only Cement Pipes were used since PVC pipes were not invented by then.  With hard work and dedication Mr. Rickhab Chand was able to set up a wholesale/sub-dealer net work to promote his products for the use of common public. With this, he was able to create a huge customer net work since hard work always remains the secret of every success.

The birth of Cauvery Enterprises in 1987 consolidated their position thereby identifying them as a Trading enterprise as the same consists of more products related to housing needs.  Mr.R.Uttam Chand, son of Mr.Rickhab Chand who played a vital role to bring out this yet another successful organization to make the group bigger and better. In 1997, young Pawan Kumar, who just completed his professional college then, joined the group and started building the organization to a greater strength.

Armed with more clients and sub-dealer network, it was decided by the management to change the name and hence the formation of Varsiddhi Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. took place in the year 2008. The ruling of new blood in the management gave birth to new thoughts and ideas which made the unique and innovative products to house their organization.  All housing products in one roof is the main idea of the managing team of the organization as such they worked meticulously every day to make their enterprise as customer oriented.

A New Dawn bringing New Hopes

Finally they are able to make their founder’s dream come true by opening the mega showroom Lifestyle Galleria which has every housing product in style.  14th January 2013 has more good news to those who wish to beautify their house since Lifestyle Galleria has been formally inaugurated by the respective CEO’s of the brand .  In this way a wholesale/sub-dealer network has come out with the exclusive retail showroom to make their presence in retail business also by addressing the exquisite need of every customer.

Lifestyle Galleria has the best Bath fittings and Tiles to take care of the finest housing and life style needs of its clients. At present it show cases the products of major brands like NIITCO, HINDWARE, TOTO, JAQUAR, QUEO, EURO, BENELEVE, SUNHEART TILES etc and aimed to more superior brands in the near future.
The Group’s all under one roof concept triggers to bring in new products relevant to building industry.  The future products of the Group in line are Steel/Cement/Interior Materials, which makes the work of every customer easy to construct their dream house without much struggle by saving their time considerably.

An article by Ayubkhan.U