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The Gift of Almighty-A Poem

How interesting is this world?
How wonderful is the creation of Almighty?
The rivers, the mountains,
And the goodness of mighty ocean!
The golden sun giving light at day!
And the silver moon shedding light at night!
Life becomes more beautiful,
With the very thought of these God's creations!
This mother nature is to be preserved!
It's abundant gifts are a pleasure and a blessing!
Just see around and look at this world!
Do we care about environ safety!
Let's save this world from worst pollution!
While we enjoy the benefit of this world,
Is it not our duty to give it to next generation?
Let's preserve the nature and save this world!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U 

Bomb Day from Mumbaistan-A Review

Tanvir a gangster who was convicted on three murder charges, falls in deep love with Rabia from Kamathipura Red light area Mumbai. As no one to oppose their love, the one and the only person who can offend their love could be Aalamzeb, a notorious Pakistani criminal. ACP Hani, the police offficer who uses Tanvir as a bait to nab Aalamzeb with the help of Rabia who knew him earlier even before she knew Tanvir. It is as per the instruction of ACP Hani, Tanvir starts playing the game of love with Rabia.  On the contrary, it is Rabia who plays a different game with Tanvir for a different purpose. There is some danger for Mumbai city and how ACP Hani handles the situation is the main theme of the story. And finally who wins the battle?

This tale unlike other crime mysteries has so many twists and turns. It even has a tender love story sown in between the main story,  is really amazing. The story about terrorism been told by the author in a totally different style. The deep friendship of Zohra the yet another sex worker who shares the room with Rabia is also explained very nicely. The author has chosen the characters meticulously so as to make all characters important to the main story and all his characters brings life to the entire story. This thrilling story has the thread of love, passion, fear. friendship and patriotism which makes its readers to sit upright and read with more interest.

Bomb Day one of the three novella from the book Mumbaistan has truly exceeded the expectation of every reader. Piyush Jha the author who is also the Director of the award winning feature film 'Sikkander' has truly proved to be in the list of master story tellers. After its first publication at Mumbai in September this year, the book Mumbaistan has emerged as national best seller within few months, is the clear proof of how the readers welcome this book at large. Mumbaistan was recently released at Chennai and the same is available at all the leading book shops now.

                                                              A book review by Ayubkhan.U

Xing Tom-The adventure with Chocolate King


When Xing Tom opened his eyes it was dark and he was lying on the floor. He vaguely remembered what happened in the morning. The light was dim over there and Xing Tom soon realized that he was locked in a jail. Xing Tom was able to see that at the lock up gate, one short and plump fellow was guarding with a chocolate gun. A plate filled with various chocolates kept besides him. When Xing Tom went near the lock up gate, the fellow outside the gate stared at him questioningly. ‘Eat the food and be ready. You will be taken to the palace in a couple of minutes’ he informed Xing Tom. Now Xing Tom slowly realized that he is kept custody by the Chocolate king, the ruler of this peculiar country.   Xing Tom silently took his plate of chocolates and devoured it quickly. He was so hungry as such he could not resist eating those chocolates which really was so yummy and delicious.

Xing Tom having a cat nap suddenly heard the shoe sound of people walking and woke up. About five soldiers came near the lock up gate and one of them opened the gate. The one who opened the lock up gate called Xing Tom to come out of the lock up room. They all traveled in a small vehicle driven by a peculiar type of small made horses and reached the palace in the next hour.

It was a large grand hall. At the entrance of the palace two guards in uniforms were standing. That spacious hall was placed with ornamental chairs at both the sides, leaving way to walk in between. Many people in rich costumes seated in the chairs. At the end of the hall followed by few steps two bigger chairs were placed in which the King and the Queen seated, appearing majestic. Xing Tom was standing in front of the King who was small made and short, wearing rich costumes and a golden crown. Next to him the Queen seated wearing beautiful costumes. Both King and Queen looked at Xing Tom inquisitively for a while and the King broke the silence and started talking.

‘Who are you biggy?’ The King asked Xing Tom at a lower voice.  ‘I am Xing Tom from London’ he answered boldly. ‘I am King chocolate’ the King talked in a majestic voice. ‘And what made you to enter our Kingdom of chocolate?’ he quietly inquired. “I really don’t know how I came. I was just riding my bi-cycle and suddenly found myself in this place’ Xing Tom answered. ‘We live in this country peacefully and I don’t want strangers to disturb our peace loving people at any cost’ the King retorted in high pitch. ‘I won’t trouble your people, I will be rather much helpful to you’ he gave the assuring answer. ‘Alright, if that is the case, we will leave you at the border tomorrow and may have to return to your country’ the King gave his decision.

Xing Tom was released and given a tiny house to stay for a day. The King ordered to send a sack full of variety chocolates to Xing Tom to eat until he leaves the country. People over there are drinking chocolate color water and Xing Tom was also given the same to drink.

Xing Tom really wondered about this strange country and the strange people. ‘Chocolates are living, chocolate is ruling’, he told himself.  It was evening; Xing Tom was able to see the sun set through the window. It made the sky red and he enjoyed the visual of nature. He though and triggered his thought process and slept for a while.

The knocking sound at the door woke Xing Tom from his sound sleep. It must be late evening, Xing Tom thought. ‘Who is this’ Xing Tom inquired. ‘We are from the King’ a coarse voice answered. Xing Tom. When he opened the door he was surprised to find a chariot richly ornamented with flowers, waiting in front of the gate. ‘Sorry to disturb you sir at this hour’, King invited you to have dinner with him tonight’ a soldier in uniform politely informed him. Xing Tom swiftly entered the chariot and seated inside. A beautiful maid inside served him superior chocolates to eat.

After traveling an hour finally Xing Tom reached the King’s palace and received the warm welcome from King and Queen who were waiting outside. ‘Welcome biggy, taste our nice feast before you leave our chocolate kingdom’ the king expressed with joy. There was a large dining hall; Xing Tom, King, Queen and ten other ministers were sitting there. There was a large variety of fruit chocolates and superior quality chocolate drinks served by beautiful maids.

When the dinner was over, the King invited Xing Tom to visit the Palace. It was such a nice palace with lots of rooms in it. With rich woodwork the rooms were in sparkling clean.  The King asked Xing Tom to open a room.  When opened, he was amazed to find a small mountain load of chocolates were scattered over there. The King informed Xing Tom to take as much chocolate as he can.

That night was a pleasant night for Xing Tom. With a chariot load of superior chocolates Xing Tom returned to the house where he was staying. ‘Take complete rest sir, we may have to proceed to the border tomorrow morning’ the soldier respectfully told Xing Tom left him alone.     

Xing Tom along with five soldiers and a chocolate load of chariot reached the border of the country. All the soldiers but one got down from the chariot and bowed Xing Tom respectfully. The chief among them informed Xing Tom that a soldier will accompany till he reaches his country.

After two hours of continuous journey, they reached a place which was steeper and looked odd. Xing Tom got down from the chariot to witness the place to explore the possibility of further travel. It was a vast land going steeper, and he could witness a broader sky over there which was blue and clear. There were no clouds, no birds and literally no one was there. 

Xing Tom decided to proceed further with the chocolate load of chariot along with the soldier riding the same.

There was a big steep and it was hard to move beyond that point which Xing Tom realized soon. The soldier whipped the horses hard and it went further by pulling the chariot hard. It has come to the end and beyond the point it was a deep valley and before the soldier try to stop but in vain. They chariot fell from the height to the infinite depth.

When Xing Tom opened his eyes, he was surprised to find himself in a bed. A doctor and a nurse were besides him. ‘Hi Xing Tom, how are you?’ the doctor inquired softly.

Robert, Xing Tom’s dad came inside and touched the hand of Xing Tom. ‘How are you my son?’ he spoke to him with affection. He explained Xing Tom that he met with an accident when he was riding his bi cycle and was unconscious all these days.

‘That means the Chocolate kingdom, the King and the chariot load of chocolates; all these are just my dream. How sad it is?’ Xing Tom sighed.

The next day when Xing Tom started from the hospital and reached home he was surprised to find a big parcel as big as himself, was lying in his room, colorfully wrapped. He went closer and opened it swiftly.’ Wow, so much of chocolates, how nice it is?’ he shouted aloud. Inside the parcel he found one beautiful card where it was signed like this. ‘A loving gift from the Chocolate King to a beautiful soul, Xing Tom’.

A Story by Ayubkhan.U

Xing Tom-The adventure with Chocolate King


Xing Tom was forcefully pulling that Swiss chocolate bar from Sara. Both Xing Tom and his sister Sara are fond of chocolates and if it is going to be Toblerone, the world’s best Swiss chocolate, what will happen next, I just leave it to the readers’ imagination.

Robert, Xing Tom’s dad had to intervene to stop the fight and make a settlement for this issue. As per his peace pact, both agreed to share the chocolate equally, however irritating it may be for both of them.

Suddenly something attracted Xing Tom, who was quietly sitting in his room. ‘Yes, it’s the aroma of cardamom tea! Mum must be preparing at the kitchen ‘he shouted with joy. Within five minutes he was served the steamy tea neatly arranged in a tray along with his favorite biscuits by the maid. Suddenly it occurred to Xing Tom that his life seemed so wonderful and so good to lead. ‘Yes, at winter the need of steamy tea is obvious to warm up oneself’ he thought.

Though he was enjoying the moments with simple pleasures, his mind was seriously thinking about the adventure of the lifetime. This very thought thrilled him as such he suddenly took his bicycle and started riding in full speed.  It is the general idea of the grownups to undermine young ones and Xing Tom earnestly wished to make this belief wrong. Xing Tom often wanted to prove he is right posed adventurous and remained undaunted to face any ordeal. With this very idea he pedaled his bicycle aiming to go faster than his thoughts.

Suddenly his cycle stopped with a screech in front of the big Iron Gate. The Gate was in a closed position and there was no one to guard.  A button besides the pillar of the gate sounded like a calling bell. He looked around and found there no one except him and he was all alone.  He could hear the feeble sound of a Church bell at a distance.  Xing Tom decided to press the bell and did so with certain amount of courage. While the gate immediately opened with a big sound, a piece of that calling bell went towards the ground. Xing Tom swiftly made a catch before it touched the ground and found that the falling piece was a delicious chocolate.   In amazement he started chewing and found that it was very tasty.

Inside the gate the view was so spectacular, as there was a vast area of lawn made the place greener and far away, at a distance, there was the sight of old castle, in a triangular shape, standing tall. The garden was like any other type of garden, yet it differed only in its fragrance. There was some sort of chocolate smell that filled the nose.  There was thick green grass carpeted the place where both the sides nice plants were arranged. Those plants were bearing different shaped fruit like substance which was hanging on the plants. Xing Tom went to have a closer look at the plant and was really surprised to see there was many chocolates of different shapes were hanging on the plants. He picked one and started eating.’ Oh very tasty’ he shouted with joy. Xing Tom couldn’t believe his own eyes. For one chocolate he and Sara were fighting the previous day. ‘Now here is amazing garden of chocolate yielding plants’ he told himself at a low voice.

Chocolates everywhere, this very thought excited Xing Tom verily. This made him to run, and jump and even made him to sing a song with joy. Suddenly, there was certain fear that alerted him. ‘What, if any one comes here’ he told at a feeble voice. When he looked at those chocolate plants again, his fear vanished. ‘For the sake of these lovely chocolates, I can face any ordeals’ he shouted with confidence. Xing Tom almost tasted a variety of chocolates which he plucked from various plants that lined up at the right side of the ground. Each was in different shape, in white and brown colors, even the taste was different.  He collected the chocolates as much as he could and sighed for not bringing a bag to carry those chocolates. With all this, life suddenly turned so good for him.

Xing Tom moved further towards the old castle that was standing tall. He has to cross few peculiar trees to reach the castle. Those trees are broader and stronger, still looked odd than the regular trees. He just stopped by a big tree which was in brown color. He tapped the on his hand and found it was real hard. When he scrapped at the surface of the tree through his finger nail he got a wax like substance. When he tasted, he was amazed to note that it was real chocolate, delicious indeed.’ The whole tree is a chocolate’ he exclaimed.

Xing Tom looked around and found many such trees near the castle. He is almost near the castle and it is quiet visible now. The castle was in a triangular shape built tall with transparent glasses as windows. There was a big door which, when he pushed opened with a bang. It was a spacious hall in square shape where many ornamental chairs were placed at the corner. There were many rooms at the end of the hall in a closed position. Literally there was no one and some sort of deadly calm reigned that place. It was a sight of bewilderment and slowly fear started engulfing Xing Tom. ‘It must be a strange place with strange trees and strange castle’ he thought.

‘Is anybody there?’ Xing Tom shouted. There was no response for a while. Suddenly the doors of the rooms situated at the extreme end of the hall opened.  Many tiny people in the height of two to three feet appeared from the room and marched towards Xing Tom. All of them appeared in different shapes but same height.  Each looked like a chocolate and it’s true it looks as if the chocolates are alive. 

There were around fifty chocolate soldiers who came close and surrounded Xing Tom, the adventure boy. They all were carrying tiny gun like object. Now Xing Tom has the opportunity to see them at a closer look. He froze in surprise as all of them are chocolates look like tiny humans. One of them came forward and spoke to Xing Tom in a course voice. He started talking at length. ‘Who are you Biggy? How did you encroach in our Chocolate Castle? This land of Chocolaty is not for strangers like you! Are you a spy? If so, who sent you?’ He fired the questions like bullet shots. Suddenly a net fell on him and he was wrapped and carried by all of them to a remote place. 

A Story by Ayubkhan.U

The World of our Choice-A Poem

When I look and this dark sky I really wonder,
As the birds fly hurriedly, returning to their nest!
The emerging  tiny stars smiles at each other,
Seeing the sudden quietness of earth in astonishment!

Man becomes tired not because of the so called work!
The lack of calmness in mind triggers all problems!
Man was taught love, as a better way to live!
Often greediness and hatred kills the seed of peace!

Pure air and hygiene food makes this world a heaven!
If we really want to live,  let us protect the nature!
Environment safety is every one's problem!
More precious they are, let's remember always!

We differ in thoughts, the color of our blood is same!
We love, fear and laugh as our emotions also same!
We have 'unity in diversity' haven't we my friend?
We all one, the humans, the children of God!

As man is in highest order, no point in mere existence!
Let's work to make this world a place of our choice!
May the new dawn of tomorrow  fulfill our promises,
Start your work today to find this world a better place!

            A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

The Earthly Desires-A Poem

O' aspiring good soul, did you ever look yourself at the mirror!
Are you the right one, whom the world is eagerly looking for?
Or just the one among millions who believes in trivial things!
Did you ever see your face at the looking glass, to seek the truth

Never let yourself deceived by this world's attraction
Find the truth, you really have the  power, don't you?
Protect yourself from the evil and corrupted souls
Which prepares the one to corrupt a million souls!

Why do you seek to find the truth, when the world is whole lie?
Never let your heart succumb to the falsehood of useless desires!
These earthly temptations might cheat you, be alert!
Always believe in the simple truth, believe the Creator!

Why do you show your fist in the air, do you fight your shadow?
What's the use to complicate the easy and fear the nothing!
Life is not a computer game to fight the virtual enemies!
Life is real, it is up to you to make it real, won't you?

The all powerful and merciful God created mankind free!
How sad, people put themselves in chains everywhere!
Wake up my dear aspiring good soul, the time has come!
Release yourself from the chains of desire, no bondage any more!

                                                                                       A Poem by Ayubkhan.U


To Drive the Darkness

Sitting inside, at this dark corner and lamenting!
What prevents you from coming out of it?
Do you like to remain in dark, away from light?
Or the darkness wishes to be with you?

Turn your head from darkness to find light
Haven’t you seen the light at the gap of the window pane?
What prevents you from standing on your own?
Is it your legs or the lazy heart whispers to remain in dark?

Assumptions and accusing never going to help you
There is always a path to walk better, just plan
Inhibitions aren’t going to feed you, wipe it out!
There is always a place in your heart, never lose hope.

Look at the endless sky, it is amazing isn’t it?
The blue sky, the red sky: as it is nature’s order
Look at the birds, flying high in the sky
How lovely they are, with no worry they soar high.

Go out to find your resources, life has its riches.
Never stop learning, because it’s continuous!
Ideal mind never encourages being idle!
Drive darkness; turn your head towards the light!

                                                                               A poem by Ayubkhan.U

Lost and Regained

You’re a poem as nice as a tender heart
the passionate one, so deep in thought
you spread the wings of fastest love
And sheltering me with warm embrace

While facing gives agony, endure; it gives ecstasy
a mixture of emotion, but lovable more often
from where it has come, your hand or heart
In search of truth I once lost, now regained

Beauty and the Beast

Your sparkling eyes, that originally speaks
The language of the heart, makes you stand apart
The black hair on your forehead, makes one stunned
Your facial expression could mesmerize anyone
In God's creation, there is a lot to wonder
This symbol of beauty, is really grandeur
Your striking pose, makes this earth a heaven
I’m trapped; release me with your tender heart

The Rich and the Poor-A Poem

The world has so much to offer
Never give up your hope, my friend
Life is not always good, it’s true
Yet it’s precious, live at your best

When you often count your miseries
Remember and see the poorest
They have less hope or no hope
And you are no poorer than them

Rich can never be rich always
Rich has to work to retain the position
When the rich leads the poorer life by heart
Then is it worth living, my dear friend?

Misery chases the one who fear often
Be a soldier to counter your evil fear
Richness is just a state of mind
Remember to live and love forever