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Drifting white foams with swaying milky waves
I am looking around and find this endless shore
Every vulnerable and insignificant mind
Could relax and unwind at this silvery sand
When the desirous waves flirting at me
By caressing my legs and toes
I could hardly resist its gentle approach
'Coz after all am a poor soul
I am looking at this lovely crest
Where sea and land embrace each other
In a state of tranquility, I forget myself
Of course and my pains too
Deep down inside my quiet soul
I could find the shades of bright blue
The reminiscence of beautiful moments
Will linger in my mind till eternity

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U
Photo inspiration-Neetu Singh

The 'SHE' State

Her sharp nose
The round face
She bends a while 
My heart sank

The mind knows
The touch of body
The heart senses
Those silly excitements

The fear of God 
Encompassing passion

She looked somewhere
As if nothing had happened
She walked off
When I came to reality

The world evolves
And so my thoughts
My mind is calm,
Pondering and wandering