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Vivid Imagination and Sweet Memories-A Poem

I am seeing the bird flying at this long sky!
Using this blue sky, as heavenly abode!
This great height is not just a destination!
It is just a beginning, a humble beginning!

There is a limit for everything!
We limit our habits, food and friends!
We tend to limit everything, not our imagination!
This vivid imagination is a pleasure, isn't it?

This long road has a long story to tell!
It reveals the truth it witnesses!
The story of its passers by and,
The story of stark reality that life reveals!

This red sky at the west is amazing!
Its the process of the golden sun retiring!
Just retiring, retiring for the day!
Making the birds return to their nest hurriedly!

Nature makes our life interesting!
Making the life more meaningful,
Through its abundance resources it bestows!
This sweet memory adds color to our life! 

                                                               A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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