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The Earthly Desires-A Poem

O' aspiring good soul, did you ever look yourself at the mirror!
Are you the right one, whom the world is eagerly looking for?
Or just the one among millions who believes in trivial things!
Did you ever see your face at the looking glass, to seek the truth

Never let yourself deceived by this world's attraction
Find the truth, you really have the  power, don't you?
Protect yourself from the evil and corrupted souls
Which prepares the one to corrupt a million souls!

Why do you seek to find the truth, when the world is whole lie?
Never let your heart succumb to the falsehood of useless desires!
These earthly temptations might cheat you, be alert!
Always believe in the simple truth, believe the Creator!

Why do you show your fist in the air, do you fight your shadow?
What's the use to complicate the easy and fear the nothing!
Life is not a computer game to fight the virtual enemies!
Life is real, it is up to you to make it real, won't you?

The all powerful and merciful God created mankind free!
How sad, people put themselves in chains everywhere!
Wake up my dear aspiring good soul, the time has come!
Release yourself from the chains of desire, no bondage any more!

                                                                                       A Poem by Ayubkhan.U