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Beauty and the Beast

Your sparkling eyes, that originally speaks
The language of the heart, makes you stand apart
The black hair on your forehead, makes one stunned
Your facial expression could mesmerize anyone
In God's creation, there is a lot to wonder
This symbol of beauty, is really grandeur
Your striking pose, makes this earth a heaven
I’m trapped; release me with your tender heart


Andy Luong said...

Your poems are full of love and passion. I can feel how much you adore your loved one. Love is always the best source of inspiration. I look forward to your next writings.

Lizanovia M. Hadi said...

Love will always make the one you love looks better than yourself

Magda Scrobota said...

lovely written :) you are very sensitive to the world around you :)

Arifs.driessen said...

Nice and very touching :-)

Nia Sky said...

Awww, lovely poem. it's so sweet and full of passion.

Nia. x

Kristine Vicencio said...

your poem is full of love and admiration, i love it! :)

oftheday said...

hi friend!!! i read it and i love it. your blog looks just like mine lol

David Jonn said...

Hello friend, very good!
I'm no expert, but I like your poem.

Shahriar Aovy said...

hmmm picture is very nice also your poem is very sparking :)